The marina has a yard for the processing of boats up to 60 T.

Shipyard and storage

  • All ordinary and extraordinary work is carried out on hulls of all types of materials.
  • jet washing, sanding, antiosmotic treatments, antifouling treatments and everything necessary to keep boats efficient and functional.
  • Hauling operations are guaranteed by a Travel Lift with a capacity of up to 60 T and a motorized 30 T trailer.
  • Thanks to the large slipway it is also possible to work catamarans.
  • For boats that can be trailered up to 10 meters, there is also a storage just a few minutes from the port.
  • Availability of indoor seats, in an uncovered area or under a roof.
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Nautical Company

Fuel dispenser

  • The fuel station located inside the marina on the east side.

  • operates on a 40 meter long quay with a maximum draft of 4 meters,00.

  • The distributor is open every day including holidays from 9 am to 7 pm

  • For reservations call at
    + 39 0781 88083
    + 39 3486679475


Fuel dispenser
Nautical Shipyard
Rental of rubber boats, bikes and scooters
Travel Lift 60 T
Video surveillance system
Collection of waste and special waste
Assistenza all';mooring
Water and electricity
Weather service
24h security guard
Hot showers and toilets
Free Wifi

and near the port

Car and scooter rental
Tobacconist's and Newsagent's
Ristoranti &; bar
Taxi &; minibus